Stay & Play Vacation Club


I Know...

I know how trapped you can feel by your dog.

I know the feeling of wanting to go on vacation or needing to travel for work but worrying that no one will be willing or able to handle your dog's behaviors.

I know how much anxiety it can bring just thinking about putting your dog in a kennel.

I know how hard you are working on training your dog and maintaining new behaviors.

I know how stressful it can be wondering whether the person watching your dog is going to undo all the progress you and your dog have made.


I'm a Dog Mom too

It is really hard to find a good pet sitter.

But it is almost impossible to find one that is willing and capable of handling a dog in training.

I know because I'm a dog mom of rehabilitated rescue dogs.

This is why I started Stay & Play Vacation Club.


Peace for you and Comfort for your Dog

I want to give you the confidence that while you are away, your dog will be loved and cared for as a part of someone's family.

I want to give you peace of mind knowing that all the training work that you have done with your dog will be maintained and improved upon.

I want to give you relief knowing that your dog will be having as much fun as you are on vacation.

Because that's what I would want for my family too.

Single Dog Family

$70 per day

Multi-Dog Families

$70 Per-day for the first dog

$35 for each additional dog