Day Care for Your Doggie


Doggie Day Care is a popular concept for owners and their dogs.

I mean, it sounds great right?

Your dog plays all day while you are at work, leaving both you and your dog tired and wanting to snuggle on the couch at the end of the day.

But that is not everyone’s experience.

My clients were telling me how their dog would come home dirty and smelling like pee.

Or how their puppy, who was perfectly house trained, was now having accidents.

Or that their usually friendly and social dog was becoming reactive on leash towards other dogs.

Or, that their dog had been kicked out of daycare for bad behavior.

Why? If daycare for dogs is so great, why was it failing so many people and their dogs?

Talking to all their people about their different experiences helped me to see the gaps in the “doggie day care theory”.

Too much freedom and not enough structure.

Imagine if a human day care center threw 20-30 three year old’s in a room with only 2 people watching to make sure one kid didn’t try to bite another one.


So why do we think with dogs it will be any different?

I don’t think it should be different.

That’s why I offer a structured doggie day care for my clients and their dogs who are working on improving their dog’s behavior.


How It Works

Who can come to Daycare?

  • Current and graduated Applaws Dog Training Clients

    What happens at daycare?

  • Your dog will spend the day working and playing with me and other dogs

  • Your dog will have a rhythm to the day of “rest - potty- activity - potty - rest” cycled throughout the day

  • Rest time includes, quiet in a crate, place training, and down stay training

  • Activity periods vary depending on the weather and the group dynamic but would include

    • structured walks

    • pack play

    • obedience training

    • treadmill work

    • free time

    When is daycare available?

  • Daycare is available Mondays-Fridays 7am-6:30pm

  • Morning drop off is between 7am-8am

  • Evening pick up is between 5pm-6:30pm

  • Earlier pick up time can be arranged

    Where is daycare held?

  • In my home - no seriously, we hang out in the kitchen and the yard and my living room and in the training area. This is real life training, and what better place to learn that then in a real home?

  • Dogs have access to the fenced in potty yard throughout the day

Why should i send my dog to daycare?

  • All your dog’s daily rules will be enforced

  • Good behavior in the house and around other dogs will be taught and encouraged

  • You won’t “loose” all your dog’s training while you are at work

  • Your dog will be learning and loved while you are away

  • You will have access to updates and training tips on how your dog is doing and how you can continue working with your dog at home

how do I enroll my dog?

(and how much does it cost?)

  • Cost is $35 per day

  • Contact me by calling 973-668-6689 or by emailing

  • You must be a current client of Applaws Dog Training or have graduated from an Applaws Dog Training program to be eligible.

  • Availability is limited so days will be scheduled and set in advance. Days can be added or changed based on availability at the time.